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11250sec 16x9 500mm f4e afs 586th 2010 american avocet american coot american dipper american white pelican american wigeon arctic tern baird sparrow bald eagle black backed woodpecker black bird black crown night heron blackbird blackcapped chickadee blackfoot albatross blacktailed godwit blue bird brown pelican burrowing owl bw calendar calendar 04 calendar 05 calendar 06 calendar 07 calendar 08 calendar 09 calendar 10 calendar 11 calendar 12 calendar 14 calendar 18 california grouse catalog 01 catalog 03 catalog 04 catalog 05 catalog 06 catalog 07 catalog 08 catalog 09 catalog 19992000 chicken common eider commorant cormorant crow dancing duck elk epic trip to hawaii novdec 11 epic trip to hawaii oct 10 f7.1 fall color fighting fog frost fulmar gambel's quail golden plover gray jay great egret great grey owl great horned owl grebe green winged teal guillemot gull harlequinn duck harrier hawk heermann's gull high plains prairiechicken festival house finch humming bird hunting ice iceland nikon d5 inflight iso 2500 it is such a privilege to shoot a subject that could care less youre standing there. that was the situation with this young snow bunting. i sat at one end of this birds small field of boulders and just let him do whatever he wanted to do. which it attempted a micro nap of about 30 seconds. ____________________ nikon nikonphotography naturephotography iceland grimseyisland bird birdphotography snowbunting fledgling japanese crane japanese dove john mohon kingfisher kittiwake lake layson albatross lesser prairiechicken magpie mallard marbled godwit merganzer monte cannon moon new mexico 08 nighthawk northern hawk owl northern pintail notable notecards oyster catcher patriotic perching pigeon rock dove pink flamingo puffin rain rainbow raven raw fine tuning 1.0 to 1.1 rawls calendar 08 razerbill razorbill red breasted nuthatch red neck phalarope red shanks red winged blackbird rednecked grebe ridgeway rail ring billed gull roadrunner ruffed grouse sand sandhill crane sandpiper scoter sea shorebirds snider snow snow bunting snow bunting fledgling grimsey island snow goose snowy egret sparrow spruce grouse steller's sea eagle storm sunrise sunset swimming tc14eiii tern tish tree tundra swan turkey turned out to be a lot of stuff including being constantly fed by a male snow bunting. in the midst of this subject jumping around like any youngster violet green swallow water white crowned sparrow white tern whitetailed eagle whooper swan wilet young

Photography by Tom Hill, Copyright ©2020

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